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If you would like to volunteer to be a poll watcher on Election Day, please sign up here; names must be submitted to our County Clerk by Oct. 22nd, so sign up soon. Information on the poll watching program can be found here.

Poll watchers must be tech savvy, provide their own tablet or smartphone with 4G or LTE data plans, and be able to work all day on Election Day. If you can only work a half day, mornings will be preferred. Poll watcher training will be provided the week prior to the election.

Volunteer as a Precinct Captain!

We have several Precincts that don’t have captains. If you would like to ‘adopt a precinct’ to send postcards to, letting fellow Democrats know they are not alone, please let us know!


What is HJR-4?

Absentee ballots are hitting people’s mailboxes, and we have been getting some questions about HJR 4. David Nelson, Idaho State Senator – District 5 shared some good info in his newsletter recently that we’d like to share with you! Thank you David for being so thorough, and if you’d like to help him win his reelection in Latah Co, please visit his FB page!

HJR 4: What is it?

Many people have started to receive their ballots and I have been getting many questions about the constitutional amendment (HJR 4) on the Idaho ballot this fall and I wanted to offer my opinion on it.

HJR 4 makes a minor change to how we do redistricting.

Currently, Idaho allows our very fair redistricting commission to choose between 31-35 legislative districts when drawing the district lines. HJR 4 simply fixes this number at 35 legislative districts.To understand why this might be needed you need to know a little about the requirements of drawing the district lines.

There are many requirements for redistricting but the most important two are:
• Population: Each district must be nearly the same population.
• Intact Counties: Counties must not be split between legislative district if at all possible.

There is a slight mathematical chance that the intact county requirement might require fewer than 35 districts. Say a map with 31 districts has fewer county splits than the best map with 35. The drafters of HJR 4 wanted to avoid this possibility by fixing the number of districts to 35.

Click here to learn more about redistricting in Idaho!