2020 Presidential Primary and Delegate Selection Caucus

March 10, 2020 is Idaho’s primary election day – vote early at the court house or at your normal polling on March 10.  Visit the County Clerk Webpage for more info on deadlines. 

On April 4, 2020 at 1PM, Nez Perce County Democrats will be holding a caucus at the Jenifer Junior High Cafeteria, with the sole purpose of electing delegates to the state convention June 4-7 in Boise, Idaho. Quantity of delegates for which candidates will be determined by the March 10 Primary Election. More info on how that is decided on the Idaho Democrats Page below.   

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Patriotic Theme 
ELIGIBILITY – Caucuses and conventions are regulated by state party rules. All Registered Democrats are welcome!

AGENDA – The agenda includes but is not limited to:
Checking to see who is eligible to vote;
Nominations for State Delegates;
Electing delegates and alternates to the State convention.

CONVENTION – Delegates/Alternates selected at county-level will attend the State Convention June 4-7, 2020 in Boise, ID. While there may be some funds to assist you in your trip to Boise, you will likely have to also fund part or your trip. There may also be carpooling opportunities.

FORMS AND FAQ – Below are some forms you can fill out prior. This is appreciated, but not required.

State Delegate Filing Form 

National Delegate Filing Form (all National Delegates will be selected at the State Convention in June)

2020 Idaho Democratic Convention FAQ

2020 National Democratic Convention FAQ

For more information on rules, qualified presidential candidates, dates and more, please see the Idaho Democratic Party webpage.